Although this is a free game to play, it survives by being given donations to cover server hosting costs. If you enjoy this game and can afford it, we gladly and graciously accept any amount to help towards its upkeep.

As an incentive to donate, donators will be given 100 lodge points and access to the Hunter's Lodge for every $1 donated. This is an area reserved exclusively for them and where they can spend their points on various things.

Purchases from the Lodge can offer various advantages in the game and as time goes on, more advantages will likely reveal themselves.

"But I don't have access to a PayPal account, or I otherwise can't donate to your very wonderful project!"
Not to worry as there's another ways. You can select the pay with debit/credit card option when opening up the PayPal from the login screen or for every person that you refer to our site and who makes it to level 10, you will receive 100 points. Just one referrer reaching level 10 will grant you access to the Hunter's Lodge.

Please note that on the 1st of every month, you can petition in for double donation points as well as incentives.

If you do not send in your requests via petition after your donation, we can not reward you for your donation!

Please include all colour wanted! If you send it in with no colours, then you'll receive it with no colour!

Once you have chosen, please include some of this information along with the appropriate choice.

Custom Poke
Name with colour codes:
YOM to send to player:
Add News for poke (optional):
Does this poke allow a private message? (optional):

Also: Use ^P^ for the poker's name and ^U^ for the player being poked.

So for example:

Name: Dance
Description: You waltz up to ^U^ and embrace them, moving to the music of life!
YOM to send to player: ^P^ waltz's up to you and pulls you into some sort of dance! How fun!
Add News for poke (optional): ^P^ pulls ^U^ into a dance! Hope they don't step on a toe!
Does this poke allow a private message? (optional): No.

Woods Creature
Name, with colour codes:
Weapon and Armor with colour codes:
Win statement (for when you beat players):
Lose statement (for when you lose to players):

Custom Mount
Mount Name/Type:
Short Description:
New Day message:
Full Recharge message:
Partial Recharge message:
Name of Ride Buff:
Buff message:
Wear off message:
Damage message:
No damage message:
Damage fail message:

Custom Pet
Pet Name/Type:
Short Description:
New Day message:
Forest message:
Do you want it to attack in battle?

Custom Race
Race Name & colours

Donations are accepted in whole dollar increments only.

Quote: His Sin stands looking like a wonderful thick lollipop. "Time for some tasty colors!"
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