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Angel2019-11-13 14:46:37
Hey guys!

We've moved the bio avatars from the lodge into your preferences!

To set up a bio avatar, simply scroll down to the bottom of your preferences and turn on the option before inserting the url. Don't worry about sizes, it'll do it 'automagically'.

The colour fades have also been redone so you'll need to clear the cache of whatever device you're using to see them. I'll put a list at the bottom so you can see the new fades.

- To use fades, they require purchase from the Lodge but make a wish and you might be granted them if the staffer of your choice is in a good mood. :)

+ Fade 1 - Blue Hawaiian
= Fade 2 - Miami Vice
[ Fade 3 - October Sky
{ Fade 4 - The Grinch
] Fade 5 - Greased Lightning
} Fade 6 - Lilac Lake
| Fade 7 - Aquaman
? Fade 8 - Rainbow

News for Wed, Aug 5, 2020
Amadeus Belmont has earned the title Fiend for having encountered one of the Deities 38 times!
Amadeus Belmont has encountered one of the deities. All across the land, people rejoice!
Amadeus Belmont has escaped the Grue and made out like a bandit!
defeated Strigoi the Vampire in the Vampire's Tower and earned the title of Ghoul Vanquisher.
Quote: Faye snacks his butt. "Giddy up, horsey."

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