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AliveLevelClanNameLocationRaceSexRP StatusRP PreferenceLast On
Yes 1 Euri Kemsley DarkElf Male Not Available No Preference 200 days
Yes 1 Peasant Jester Shadow Realm Dark Felyne Female Available No Preference 16 days
Yes 1 Kaidon Shadow Realm Draconus Male Available Public Chat Today
Yes 1 Peasant Leorn Shadow Realm Penguin Male Not Available No Preference 18 days
Yes 1 Peasant Marax Degolburg Horrible Gelatinous Blob Male Not Available No Preference 61 days
Yes 1 Nadia Shadow Realm Elf Female Available YoMs 8 days
Yes 1 Railai Shadow Realm Human Male Available No Preference 1 day
Yes 1 Peasant Ramiel Elven Place Faerie Female Not Available No Preference 10 days
Yes 1 Peasant Roselyn Shadow Realm Felyne Female Not Available No Preference 4 days
Yes 1 Peasant Rumia Elven Place Elf Female Available No Preference 10 days
Yes 1 Czar of The Bizarre WonderLust Cirque De Lau-Dela Chaotic Improbability Female Not Available No Preference 78 days
Quote: <Chaos>  Wish Upon A Lyla says, "If stars fell every time you thought of me... well, I'd have to consider world domination. We'd call it: The War of the Stars... Sirius-ly Savage... Constellation's Revenge... no. Hm. They make naming things like this seem so much easier in the movies."

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